So how do we do it?

So, how do we go about transferring the audio from a scratchy old 78 and burning it to a CD or high quality file format?

We record the audio on a high quality turntable, fitted with a suitable stylus and cartridge, depending on whether we are recording a vinyl record or 78.

Start of the conversion process

We record the audio using Ableton Live, where we have a professional set of tools to get the best out of the transfer process.

We then take the resulting file and, if requested, remove any unwanted crackle and scratches.

Next, we take the file, normalise the volume of all the tracks to the same level and split the songs to create separate files.

Finally, we burn your tracks to a CD, copy them to a memory stick, or send them to you via the web.

And here are the results we can achieve from a 50 year old LP record!