Retro Grooves are Dj's John & S-j, a music mad couple who know their stuff and would love to share our record collection with you at your event.

DJ's John & S-j

We have both enjoyed vinyl from our early years, John starting his DJ business at 16 and S-j also collecting and enjoying the records on the London scene of the 80’s. Meeting late in life, the collections have been merged and Retro Grooves was born!

Our main collection spans from the 1950’s until vinyl was phased out in the 90’s… however it’s enjoying a comeback! Our vinyl is played on an original 1970s DJ console and due to the method of pressing, you will actually experience the energy and warmth of the music as it was meant to be heard back in the day. Transporting you back to when the songs were originally released complete with the snaps, crackles and pops that everyone loves to hear! This is complimented by an original retro light show.

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