Into The Grooves

At the age of 3, I was taken to my local record shop to buy my first record (Dave Clark Five’s ‘Bits and Pieces’ which I still have and you can see here). From the age of 12 I was the supplier of music for house parties and never got invited to a family gathering without also being asked to bring along my box of records. I still love music and making people dance and a full dance floor is my drug. I carried on using vinyl records to DJ with right up until the late 90s. (Below is an image from that period, complete with reluctant roadies.)

And having been a DJ for over 35 years now, I have been through all the transitions technology could throw at me. Vinyl to CD to Minidisc and then to a Laptop really only because of the convenient format of today’s music (you can see my sister site here).

But I always longed for the traditional record to make a return.

Then in June 2013, I had one of those moments that made me rethink my business. I was providing DJ services for a Wedding in the New Forest and I had a visitor to my DJ booth. A man enjoying his later years shall we say said to me “you’re not a proper dj are you”. I referred him to the full dance floor and the happy faces of the guests and asked him to explain his comment. “Well you use a laptop. Whatever happened to the Vinyl DJ who used to spin records, such a shame they disappeared”.

Well who was I to argue. And that is why I started Retro Grooves.

Recently there has been a resurgence in vinyl sales and records are once again in vogue (particularly with the younger generation who missed out on this format the first time round). So this is a great time to be offering a vinyl only DJ service.

But anyone can put on a few records and call themselves a DJ I hear you say? Not true. If you book Retro Grooves you will be hiring over 35 years of DJ experience.  You will be transported back to the traditional days of the discoteque with a retro styled light show and you will also hear only the very best songs and artists from the golden era of music, the late 1950s to the late 1980s, all played from original vinyl 7″ singles (which you can see here).

So Retro Grooves can provide DJ entertainment throughout the South for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, staff & christmas parties and theme nights. I am proud to say all my business comes from recommendations and referrals (please see the Testimonials I have received over the past year).

If you would like to book Retro Grooves for your event, please contact me here and make it a unique celebration you and your guests will always remember and talk about for years to come!